Today I’m very excited to announce that SKAEL has received a Seed funding round of $4.1M to help bring our platform for creating and deploying digital employees to market. Some really great Seed investing firms including Bonfire Ventures, Daher Capital, Backend Capital, RIDE Ventures, StratMinds VC, Buffalo Ventures and others participated in this round.

When you think of fulfilling work, what comes to mind? Chances are, logging into an application, searching through a bunch of documents, analyzing another pivot table, and blankly staring at some slides or another dashboard would not fall anywhere near fulfilling. Yet the majority of us spend up to 6 hours a day, and the most of our working lives doing just that.

Boring, repetitive, monotonous, drudgery.

We have tried to solve this problem by buying the latest software application, promising Utopia if we moved every little piece of data to their stack, to end up with unwieldy data silos. We have undergone massive data transformation projects, only to find that our data will never be clean or always in one place. We have even tried dashboarding tools, needing to be customized every time there is another question from the business. And so we have resorted to hiring a mountain of people, just because the time to value just is not there, transferring our misery to someone else.

We want to keep everyone informed, and we need the answers backed by our data, but we just want to do them on our terms and get back to the really fulfilling stuff. An email, text, or direct message will work just fine.

A few organizations have attempted some level of automation. Workflow and RPA being the most common. These systems work well when it is just applications talking to applications, but most organizations need people, and systems that are not adopted around your users and enabling people to work on their terms are just transferring the unfulfilling nature of work from one group of people to another.

It was time to end the cycle, so we decided to do things differently at SKAEL. Our user-centric approach to automation helps organizations design and deploy Digital Employees. Your human employees communicate with digital employees in the same way they are accustomed to communicating within your organization: email, text, messaging or voice. No new tools, no new applications, no new dashboards. We don’t store any of your data, we don’t make any third party calls out, everything is patented and built in-house.

Digital Employees understand what you are asking for and the associated context, they can read attachments, connect across your applications and documents and enable you to store, retrieve, collate, and analyze in seconds. Effectively removing the majority of those repetitive, mundane, unfulfilling tasks. Allowing you to focus back on those things that you classify as most fulfilling.

With this Seed funding round, we will build and deliver to market a set of Digital Employees that are geared around specific common use cases within different company functions: Finance, IT, Sales Operations and Human Resources to start. We also will be able to work with companies to build out customized Digital Employees for more complex scenarios. Over time based on the market need and customer feedback we’ll add more Digital Employees covering different parts of the business.  We hope that in the future workers within any company will be able to choose different Digital Employees from SKAEL to help them with their day-to-day work, just like they choose to use different tools to get things done today.

Oct 29, 2020

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